Syrian couple opens Detroit eatery called The Bomb

A couple from Syria who opened up a Detroit eatery called The Bomb says they have no intentions of changing the restaurant’s name, even though some may find it’s in poor taste.

The Bomb owner, George Georgi, says he chose the name because the Middle Eastern and American cuisine he serves is “very hot and spicy,” reported. The expression “the bomb” means something or someone that is really cool, according to the Urban Dictionary.


But some people are taking offense to the name, tied in with Middle Eastern roots, and the restaurant logo – an animated, cartoon bomb.

"I think it’s distasteful. I think it feeds into the certain stereotypes that are out there, that somehow, someway associate Arab Americans with bombs, destructive devices or some sort of violence. I would urge them really to reconsider a different name, [instead of] using a name that may be hurtful to a certain community," Nabih Ayad, of the Arab American Civil Rights League, told the station.

Georgi says he is not changing the name of his restaurant.

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