Robert Herjavec: Success Isn't Measured on Days When the Sun Shines

There’s very little glamour in starting a business. Sure, there are days where you feel your hard work is being recognized, but for every one of those days, you’ll have another where you question whether it’s all worth it.

How you rebound from failure is what defines you as an entrepreneur, says Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec. "Success is not measured on the days when the sun shines. Success is measured on the dark, stormy, cloudy days. And if you can’t absorb failure, you’re never gonna meet success.” The sparkly-eyed business guru spoke to Entrepreneur while promoting the Small Business Revolution, a year-long campaign honoring America’s business owners.

Herjavec himself has pulled through many tough days, both personally and professionally. Last year, after separating from his wife of 24 years, the cybersecurity entrepreneur suffered a serious bout with depression and even contemplated suicide. “I just wanted to end it,” he told People magazine in March.

Having emerged from that dark period, he said his best advice for others is something a friend once told him: ‘Embrace your life, it’s pain, its sorrow, its adversity.’

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