Police search for father of infant missing from Oklahoma hospital

Police are searching for a 2-month-old boy missing from an Oklahoma City hospital.

The baby disappeared, believed taken by at least one parent, while being treated for possibly serious injuries, KFOR-TV reports.

It is not clear what injuries the baby has, but investigators say they want to find the boy and make sure he gets proper treatment, according to the station.

“The child arrived at the hospital on Tuesday and while receiving treatment the family, for whatever reason, took the child and left,” Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight said.

On Tuesday, KFOR reports, paramedics were called to an Oklahoma City hotel, where the baby was found unresponsive. “There were no obvious signs of abuse,” according to the police report, cited by the station.

The father, Michael Dominquez, reportedly told Children’s Hospital staff the boy’s name is Jacob, and his birth date is May 14, 2013, but much of the information given to the hospital proved to be untrue.

The woman seen on hospital surveillance tapes holding the baby may be the child’s mother, but that also remains unclear, according to KFOR.

The child, his father and the woman were last seen driving in a red Ford F-150, possibly with an extended cab, according to the police department website.  The truck has Texas plates and a sticker on the back window that reads “BOSS.”

Police are asking anyone with information on the missing baby to call 911.

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