Pizza shop customer shoots 2 robbers, killing 1

A pizza shop customer shot and killed one robber and injured another after they tried to hold up the restaurant Tuesday night, Pennsylvania officials said.

The incident took place at Porfirio's Pizza and Pasta in Levittown, about 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia.

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Police said the customer shot both men after they allegedly pistol-whipped him.

“The two male robbers apparently told the employees and the customer to get on the ground. They began pistol-whipping the customer. At that point, the customer produced a handgun and shot both of the robbers,” Middletown police Chief Joseph Bartorilla said.

One of the robbery suspects was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot in the chest. The second was in serious condition after suffering injuries in the neck and shoulder. The robber was being transferred to a hospital in Philadelphia, according to Levittown Now.

Police said the customer and two pizza shop employees were the only people in the restaurant when the two armed suspects walked in.

Police said the customer's gun was properly registered, but they're unsure if he had a concealed carry permit.

Levittown Now reported that the suspects were local residents, but further details weren’t released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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