Old Dog, New Pics: This New Nikon Camera Case Let's Your Pup Snap Photos

Picture your dog taking pictures. Then picture yourself taking pictures of your dog taking pictures. You know you want to.

Thanks to the canine-friendly engineers at Nikon Asia, your pup could one day become a flashy #dogarazzi, without even knowing it. No joke. The Japanese camera maker is teasing a strap-on ”smart” camera case that lets man’s best friend snap pics.

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Just imagine the reams of riveting action shots of fire hydrants, food bowls, tennis balls and, yup, other pups’ hind quarters to come. Well, what do you expect? We’re talking dogs here, people.

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[youtube 5a6fd-wvIdw]

Dying to get your paws on your own Heartography? Sorry, fur baby mamas and papas. The poochy case -- which of course is made to hold (and promote) a Nikon COOLpix L31 -- isn’t on the market yet. No official word yet on when it will be either.

Hmmm. Maybe GoPro’s dog camera harness Fetch got Nikon’s tail wagging for a bite of the budding dogographer market. We blame Lady Gaga’s snap-happy French bulldog Asia.

Instagram, prepare thyself. Photography has gone to the dogs.

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