Ohio animal hoarder's body found partially eaten by dogs

An Ohio animal hoarder was discovered dead Friday at his home and partially eaten by some of his 50 or so dogs, KSL.com reported.

"I've been to a lot of bad situations since I've been here," Benny Call, the Lawrence County dog warden said, according to the report. "I believe this was the worst."

Authorities apparently did not release the dead man’s name because they haven’t located any relatives. But the report said it appears he had been dead for few weeks.


The dogs were in poor condition. Some needed to be put down and others starved to death, the report said. Eight were reportedly taken to a local dog shelter.

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Authorities had asked the man if he need assistance with the pets, but he would reject the help, the report said.

"He'd just run us off," Call said, according to the report. "He probably cared for the dogs, but he just got overwhelmed."

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