NJ teacher reportedly tells class 'speak American'

A video clip recorded on a cell phone inside a New Jersey classroom reportedly shows a teacher confronting her students and telling them to “speak American.”

A teacher at Cliffside Park High School said, “men and women are fighting.” WPIX reported. “They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They are fighting for you right to speak American.”

The report said the school has a large number of Spanish-speaking students. One can be seen getting up from his desk and walking out of the classroom after the teacher’s remark. “You’re being racist,” the student can be heard saying. “I know how to speak English.”

A student interviewed after the incident said the teacher asked students to stop whispering in Spanish. A commentator on Facebook reportedly called the teacher a “great person.” Other commentators reportedly said English should be spoken in class out of respect for teachers.

Some students have reportedly called for the teacher’s resignation, and the school’s superintendent called for an assembly on Friday to talk about the issue. WPIX reported some students at the school are planning a walk-out Monday.