Mississippi hold-up ends when victim shoots, kills one of his robbers

The victim of a harrowing gunpoint robbery in Mississippi on Saturday grabbed a gun out of his truck and opened fire, killing one robber and sending the other fleeing.

Jackson Police said the victim turned the tables on a pair of robbers after he was robbed of his wallet and forced to drive to an ATM to get money, Mississippi News Now reported.

Police found the body of robbery suspect Edwin Robinson, 23, on Pinewood Drive, a residential street in northeast Jackson.  They said the shooting appeared justified.

“I heard about six gunshots at about 6:30 a.m., went to let one of my dogs out and heard some more gunshots,” a resident told the station. “We saw people standing around, and a body and a truck.”

The station said the victim of the stick-up was a doctor. He was not hurt.

Police told the station the doctor was in the driveway of his home when Robinson and another man surprised him. They had guns and announced a robbery.

Police said the robbers forced the victim into his home to get his wallet. Then they forced him in his own Toyota truck to drive to a local ATM.

Robinson was killed not far from the doctor's house.

The doctor retrieved his gun from the truck after one of the robbers then threatened to go back to the doctor’s house to harm his wife, police said.

Mississippi News Now said the robber who fled was wearing a bandanna. He was believed driving a tan SUV with no tags.