Maryland man blows out tire, surprised by police reaction

A 52-year-old Maryland man recently approached by five police officers on the side of the road after blowing out his tire said he was surprised by what happened next.

Bobby Burwell, a Prince George’s County native, was driving home in his son’s car after attending a music shoot late at night when his tire blew, according to Fox 5 DC. Initially, Burwell was apprehensive when he saw police approaching his vehicle – but the responding officers quickly allayed Burwell’s concerns.

“They said, hey, you [look] like you’re having a problem. We want to help you, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually change this tire,” Burwell told the station.

Impressed by the officers’ efforts, Burwell filmed the situation, commending “Prince George’s finest.”

“I was terrified,” Burwell said about his initial thoughts when the officers pulled up. “When I see the red cherry lights and the blue, I’m like well, I don’t know what’s going on here.”

Burwell added he was “grateful to Prince George’s County Police Department and the gentlemen who took the time to not only help me, but to assist me getting home safely.”

He said he videotaped the encounter to illustrate to his family how they can engage with people in a positive way.