Major Shift in U.S. Afghanistan Policy: Biden Under Pressure?

President Obama expected today to announce a big policy change. The President will say the U.S. will not withdraw from Afghanistan after all, and will keep a fighting force of more than 5000 troops to combat a resurgent Taliban and keep Afghanistan from returning to Taliban control.

We’re going to add a guest (or two).

More fallout today from the first Democratic debate. Many pundits are praising both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but some are now questioning the need for Biden to get into the race.

The Wall Street Journal reporters Colleen McCain Nelson and Laura Meckler have an article today suggesting the pressure is building on VP Joe Biden to get into the race.. or not. They write, “A polished performance from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the first Democratic presidential debate spurred a noticeable shift within the party Wednesday, with many Democrats saying that Mr. Biden might have missed his moment and now would find little room to maneuver in the primary field.”

The New York Times writes, “Her strong showing is muting calls for Biden to run.”

Live events during our shows from Hillary Clinton and Jim Webb on the Democratic side.

On the Republican side, Bush, Kasich, and Fiorina have live events. Carl Cameron reporting.

We get weekly jobless numbers today along with a couple of other economic reads.

Secretary of State John Kerry heading to Israel to try and defuse the growing crisis between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas delivering a message to his people today. Israel is setting up roadblocks and deploying troops in an effort to stop random terror attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians. Nearly 40 people have been killed.

Ukraine expected to get a temporary seat on the U.N. Security Council despite the opposition of Russia.

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