Long Island wife foils husband's beach drowning fakeout

Her face says it all.

A furious Long Island woman yesterday blasted her no-account husband for pretending to have drowned off the coast of Long Island to collect insurance money.

“Faking his own death is a horrific thing,” a seething Evana Roth, 43, told reporters at a press conference about her in-the-wind husband, Raymond Roth.

“I just can’t believe he’d do something like that. It’s like a horrible movie,” Evana said about the 47-year-old unemployed communications-company manager who vanished July 28 at Jones Beach.

“This is a terrible nightmare that I want to wake up from.”

As if pretending to be dead isn’t bad enough, Raymond yesterday started sending Evana cryptic and threatening messages — even as cops investigate whether he broke any laws with his sickening stunt.

“The place looks a little crowded. I just drove by. Call me later,” Raymond wrote in a text message time-stamped 9:14 a.m. to Evana that she displayed to reporters.

That message came hours after cops seized two computers belonging to him and his son, Jonathan, from their Massapequa home.

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