Local homeowners association in Augusta says no to pink-painted playhouse

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A Georgia homeowner is not tickled pink that she was ordered by a local homeowner’s association to change the color of her granddaughter’s playhouse.

Becky Rogers-Peck of Augusta said she would rather move than repaint the tiny shed after the local HOA took issue with the loud shade of pink that it’s covered in, according to a report of MyFox affiliate WBRC.

"There are many different shades of gray, and likewise I'm sure there are many different shades of pink," attorney Buddy Dallas was reported as saying.

Dallas says he has handled cases similar to Peck’s in the past and say that the issue might have to come down to both side sitting down an coming to an agreement, adding that the real question is whether this playhouse and its color devalue the other properties in the neighborhood.

Should the issue go to court and the judge rules in the associations favor, peck will have no choice but to change the color.

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