Lawyers, prosecutors make closing arguments in motion to dismiss charges against Russian man

Lawyers for a Russian man accused of hacking into U.S. businesses will urge a federal judge to dismiss the charges against him because they believe the arrest by U.S. agents violated Maldives law.

But federal prosecutors say agents acted within the law and the case against Roman Seleznev should go to trial.

Closing arguments in the motion-to-dismiss hearing are set for Tuesday. Three agents with the Secret Service and State Department testified that Maldives police took Seleznev into custody in 2014. They said federal agents only took over with permission from local authorities.

Seleznev's lawyers say the arrest violated the Maldives Constitution.

Federal prosecutors say Seleznev hacked into the computer systems of American restaurants and other businesses and stole about 2 million credit card numbers that he later sold on a private website