Jurors: Judge made right call in Blago sentencing

Several jurors from Rod Blagojevich's corruption trials agree with the stiff 14-year prison sentence handed to the former Illinois governor.

About half a dozen jurors from both trials were present for the hearing. Blagojevich apologized in court Wednesday, shortly before he was sentenced.

John McParland was a juror at the second trial, when Blagojevich was convicted on 17 of 20 corruption counts. McParland agrees with the judge's sentence, but he wasn't sure if Blagojevich's apology was sincere.

The forewoman in the second trial was Connie Wilson. She believes Blagojevich is sincere whenever he talks about his family. She says it will be difficult for his two daughters with the "Blagojevich" last name.

James Matsumoto was jury foreman at Blagojevich's first trial. He says the judge made the right call.