Judge: US man charged in Uganda counterfeit plot could flee

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that an American deported from Uganda and charged in a massive counterfeiting scheme is a major flight risk.

Tuesday's ruling by the federal judge in Pittsburgh means 28-year-old Ryan Gustafson will stay jailed until trial.

Gustafson has been charged with printing at least $1.4 million in fake U.S. currency in Uganda through Community-X, an encrypted site that allows users to remain anonymous.

Roughly $400,000 in bogus bills were sold and shipped to the U.S., where they were passed. Some were exchanged in the Pittsburgh area.

The judge agreed with prosecutors that Gustafson was a threat to flee to Uganda because his child and wife live there. His wife is the granddaughter of the late ruthless Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

Gutafson's attorney declined to comment.