Judge says she didn't comment inappropriately on NY police stop-and-frisk case

A judge who ordered changes to the New York City police stop-and-frisk program and was removed from the case says she didn't comment on it inappropriately.

Judge Shira Scheindlin (SHEER'-uh SHIND'-lin) says quotes from her written opinions gave the appearance she had commented on the case in interviews. She says a careful reading of each interview will reveal no such comments were made.

A federal appeals court Thursday blocked the judge's order requiring changes to the police department's stop-and-frisk program. It said interviews she gave called her impartiality into question.

The judge ruled in August police discriminated against minorities in stopping and questioning people because of reasonable suspicions crimes were about to occur or had occurred. She ordered major changes.

Supporters say the changes will end unfair practices. The city and other opponents say the changes won't reduce crime.