Internet Troll Making Mischief on Joel Osteen Facebook Page

A professional Internet troll under the pseudonym "Joel Oldsteen" pretended to be the famed pastor on Joel Osteen's Facebook ministry page, bragging about his wealth while taunting those of limited financial means.

The parody page titled "Joel Oldsteen," now deleted, migrated over to Osteen's page and commented on updates or words of encouragement from the internationally-known pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

According to the Houston Chronicle, posts are still visible on the Facebook page of comedian Bill Palmer, who is the "inspiration behind Joel Oldsteen Ministries." His page shows plenty of evidence of other adriot trolling of popular pages within entertainment culture.

One meme on Palmer's page pretending to be inspirational words from Osteen reads:

These days, many people are troubled by worldly things like money. By letting go of your attachment to money and sending it to Joel Osteen Ministries, you will no longer have to worry about money because you will have none to worry about …"

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