Indiana shelter offers post-Thanksgiving special, finds new homes for all its pets

An animal shelter in Indiana showed off what happened after it offered a Black Friday special: Every one of its animals up for adoption found a new home.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control lowered its puppy adoption fee from $100 to $10, and told prospective adopters they could name their own price for cats.

As a result, officials there said as many as 30 dogs and cats found new homes on Friday alone. A small crowd lined up outside the shelter that morning to find new four-legged friends to adopt.

The shelter posted photos online after the event. The images showed empty cages -- blankets and toys scattered around, but no animals.

"This is kind of a really fun moment for all of us to celebrate and kind of stop and take a deep breath and say ‘wow, this is why we're here,” coordinator Jodi Hamilton told WGNO. She said that in her eight years working for the facility, she could not recall another time when no cats or dogs were available to adopt.