Police say the woman who was shot at a small-town Alabama doctor's office has died, and the gunman was her husband.

Jemison police chief Shane Fulmer says the couple lived near the doctor's office and had a dispute Monday morning. Fulmer says the woman ran to the office, where six to seven employees, including the doctor, were inside. According to Fulmer, she told them: "Call the police."

Fulmer says her husband followed her and shot her at the office, then returned home. Police followed him. Fulmer says they spoke to him on the phone and on a loudspeaker. Fulmer says police didn't shoot any bullets but fired tear gas into the house. Fulmer says the man came outdoors. He had a gunshot wound to the head, which police called self-inflicted but said they didn't know when it happened.

Fulmer says the man was taken to the hospital and will be charged.

Officials didn't release names of the shooter or victim.