Gun owned by cop killer Christopher Dorner being auctioned at Las Vegas pawn shop

A Las Vegas pawn shop is auctioning off a gun that once belonged to cop killer Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who led authorities on the largest manhunt in California history when he gunned down four people.

Three weeks prior to the February rampage, Dorner sold a gun for $50 to a Las Vegas pawn shop dealer. Now, the shop is auctioning off the gun with the intent of giving the proceeds to families of the victims. The highest bid is currently at $400, according to local reports.

"It's a .38 Special revolver, which is one of the most popular calibers," George Bramlett, the owner of Bargain Pawn Shop, told KLAS-TV. Bramlett told the station that he suspected Dormer, who owned a home in Las Vegas, "Just needed money." Bramlett described him as "real nice and professional" when he visited the store, according to the station.

Fox affiliate KTTV reports that the auction listing includes photos of the paperwork from the sale, as well as a surveillance image of Dorner in the store.

"The coward and murderer Christopher Dorner frequented many gun shops in Las Vegas and sold us this revolver on January 15, 2013," the listing reads. "We were visited by local police and turned over the video surveillance we had. We have attached a picture of the original 'buy' ticket with Dorner's signature. We would like to donate any proceeds to the families of the victims, so please let us know if there have been any funds set up.

"Astra model 960 revolver in .38 Spl and with 4" barrel. Action and bore are very good. Appears to have been refinished and exterior is in very nice shape. Appears to be fully functional," the store writes.

While the store's intent appears good-natured, some cannot fathom buying the gun as a collector's item.

"To me it's revolting. Why would somebody want to own a killer's gun?" Melinda Parschall told KLAS-TV.

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