'Genesis Deflowered': Adding sex scenes to the Bible

It’s a whole new take on a 400-year-old book: “Genesis Deflowered” takes the King James Bible’s version of Genesis and expands certain verses to add sex scenes – while still keeping the Elizabethan English writing style used when the text was first written in 1611.

Author Matthew Stillman sat down with Fox News’ Lauren Green Friday on “Spirited Debate” to discuss what inspired him to write the book.

“Religion and love get along incredibly well, but religion and sex don’t,” said Stillman. “There is sort of this flirtation they have in the Bible, and so I sort of felt that to be able to feel this more deeply and to speak it in the original Elizabethan English would be a way to have that conversation happen and have people connect to it in a new way.”

Stillman says there are almost 500 examples of suggested sexual activity in Genesis; he focused not only on scenes involving well-known biblical couples, like Abraham and Sarah, but also looked at it as an opportunity to research some unnamed female characters, like the wife of Noah.

“I certainly did a lot of research from biblical text, from extra-biblical text, from biblical commentary, different versions and translations … (and) I used that to give names to women in the Bible who are unnamed, but who are important characters,” said Stillman.

Stillman says he hopes the book can provide a prototype for people to look up to and see that “people actually have sexual experiences that they like, and they’re also spiritual people.”