Gang of bikers attack driver in front of family after high-speed chase

An unidentified 33-year-old man was attacked in front of his wife and child in New York City after his vehicle reportedly was pursued by a gang of motorcyclists in a high-speed chase.

A video apparently taken by one of the bikers shows the gang surrounding the man’s Range Rover SUV on Manhattan’s West Side Highway Monday afternoon, the New York Post reports.

New York Police said the altercation began when the man called 911 to report the bikers driving erratically on the highway, NBC New York reports.

In the video, at least one biker is seen slowing down and parking his bike in front of the man’s vehicle, causing him to stop. Another biker began walking threateningly toward the vehicle before the driver gunned it and smashed into several bikes and riders.

The group then pursued the driver at high speeds until he got caught in traffic. At that point, another biker tried to rip open the SUV’s door, but the driver sped off again.

The chase came to an end in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights when the driver was caught in traffic a second time.

One biker in the video is shown taking off his helmet and using it to smash the driver-side window of the SUV. Police sources told the New York Post that the man was slashed in front of his wife and child, who were inside the vehicle.

The man was brought to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two black eyes and had to get stitches on his face and chest.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said authorities are trying to identify some of bikers in the attack, but they did not have license plates on their motorcycles, the NY Daily News reports.

Authorities say the bikers were in the city for an event called Hollywood Stuntz, where they intended to drive around Manhattan doing tricks, NBC New York reports.

Kelly said the group showed up in Times Square and disrupted traffic. Police arrested 15 of them and issued summonses to several others. They also seized 55 motorcycles in connection with the event, NBC New York reports.

New York Police and Fire Department officials told the NY Daily News that one biker suffered a broken leg in the incident.

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