FOX NEWS FIRST: Remembering Barbara Bush - A classy straight-shooter; Pompeo meets with Kim Jong Un

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Developing now, Wednesday, April 18, 2018

  • Former first lady Barbara Bush died Tuesday at age 92; dignitaries across the nation and around the world are remembering her grace, dignity and devotion to her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, and her family
  • CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend to discuss the upcoming meeting between North Korean dictator and President Trump, Fox News has confirmed
  • Investigators are working to find out what caused an engine on a Southwest Airlines jet to blow in midair, setting off a deadly accident that left one woman dead and seven passengers injured
  • ICE arrests 225 illegal immigrants, many with criminal records, in raids across New York state

THE LEAD STORY - REMEMBERING BARBARA BUSH: Former first lady Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday at age 92, is being remembered for her strong presence, grace, dignity and unwavering devotion to her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, and their family ... Bush died days after her family announced she was in failing health and would decline further medical treatment in favor of "comfort care." Her funeral will take place Saturday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, which she and her husband regularly attended. She will be laid to rest on grounds of the Bush library at Texas A&M University in College Station. With her cloud of snow-white hair, signature three strand pearls and compelling presence, Barbara Bush's image was what she laughingly called "everybody's grandmother." But she was also feisty, outspoken, a tireless advocate for literacy and both wife and mother of a U.S. president. George H.W. Bush was “brokenhearted” over the loss of his “beloved Barbara” and was said to have held her hand all day. He was “at her side” when she passed away, his chief of staff said.

PREPARATIONS FOR TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT: CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend in an effort to lay the groundwork for a summit between Kim and President Trump, Fox News has confirmed ... Pompeo's trip, which was first reported by the Washington Post, came to light hours after Trump told reporters that the U.S. and North Korea are holding direct talks at "extremely high levels" in preparation for what would be an extraordinary meeting following months of heated rhetoric over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. The White House and CIA declined to comment to Fox News about Pompeo's visit.

PERIL AT 32,000 FEET:  Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have begun their probe into what caused an engine on a Southwest Airlines jet to blow at 32,000 feet, killing one passenger and injuring seven ... The faulty engine sent shrapnel flying into the plane window, setting off a desperate scramble by passengers to save a woman from being sucked out a broken plane window. Passengers managed to pull the woman back into the plane, but she was gravely injured and later died. The plane, a twin-engine Boeing 737 bound from New York to Dallas, made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

An engine cowling belonging to the Southwest Airlines jet has been found in Bernville, Pa., about 70 miles west of Philadelphia, the NTSB said late Tuesday. A preliminary investigation reportedly showed signs that one of the engine’s fan blades had separated and induced “metal fatigue,” NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said. A full investigation could take 12 to 15 months, officials said.

ICE RAIDS TARGET CRIMINAL ALIENS:  Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have arrested 225 illegal immigrants in New York State as part of a six-day operation called “Operation Keep Safe" ... The detainees, from numerous countries, were taken into custody in New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley, according to a news release published Tuesday. New York has long been considered a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants as local politicians created initiatives that hinder the cooperation with federal authorities. ICE officials said that more than 180 of those detained in "Operation Keep Safe" were convicted criminals or had criminal charges pending and more than 80 of them had been issued a final order of removal and failed to leave the U.S. voluntarily -- or had been previously removed from the U.S., but illegally returned.


GROWING QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SUSPECTED CHEMICAL ATTACK IN SYRIA: "Ten guys with machine guns are much more lethal than this attack was."– Sen. Rand Paul, on "America's Newsroom," saying he is skeptical over whether President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a suspected recent chemical attack on his own people, arguing that either Assad did not carry out the attack, or he "is the dumbest dictator on the planet Earth." WATCH

'FEIGNING MORAL OUTRAGE': "They are frauds, they are partisan hacks, and nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party." – Sean Hannity, in his monologue on "Hannity," firing back at mainstream media personalities attacking him after his name came up in a court proceeding involving President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. WATCH


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