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Hannity's town hall with GOP nominee Donald Trump. The Republican candidate visited Rev. Darrell Scott's Cleveland church on Wednesday to discuss minority outreach and recent police-involved shootings

Today's Guests

On the show tonight

  • Donald Trump

    2016 GOP presidential candidate; Trump Organization CEO
  • Rev. Darrell Scott

    Senior pastor, New Spirit Revival Center
  • Rev. C.L. Bryant

    Radio talk show host
  • Don King

    Boxing promoter
  • Larry Elder

    Radio talk show host
  • Niger Innis

  • Omarosa Manigault

    Senior Adviser for African American Outreach for the Trump Campaign
  • Dr. Ben Carson

    Retired neurosurgeon; Former 2016 presidential candidate
  • Candy Carson

  • Mike Pence

    Indiana governor; 2016 Republican vice presidential nominee


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