Former California Student Reportedly Claims Hazing at Jewish Fraternity

A former University of California-Davis student reportedly claims he was abused by members of a Jewish fraternity three years ago.

In a civil lawsuit filed Friday, Ryan Clifford claims he was targeted because he was the only non-Jewish pledge at Alpha Epsilon Pi the time. Clifford claims he was forced to drink, take drugs and was inappropriately touched by other members of the fraternity, reports.

"We believe a lot of the hazing was retaliatory and discriminatory based on the fact that he was not affiliated with the Jewish faith,” attorney Lisa Holder said.

Fraternity members have thus far refused to comment.

Clifford's lawsuit also claims the university failed to protect him despite complaints to school officials. In a statement to, the university said it will take "appropriate actions" if hazing occurred at the fraternity.

"UC Davis will not tolerate abusive behavior toward its students," the statement read. "If allegations of hazing were not properly investigated and handled, we will take appropriate actions."

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