Fordham Law Students Accuse School of Misleading Birth Control Policy

A group of Fordham University law students has organized an off-campus birth control clinic in response to the school's policy prohibiting the prescription of contraception at its campus health centers.

The organization arose after students said they were confused over the Catholic university's position on whether student insurance covers contraception.

According to the university's website, the policy states: "The Insurer is required by law to offer this coverage and pay the Covered Percentage of the Covered Charges for Contraceptive Drugs and Devices."

But many students have said they were turned away when they tried to obtain contraception or a prescription for it at campus health centers, claiming the university isn't being transparent about its policy.

"At this point, all we want is notice," said law student Bridgette Dunlap, who believes contraception is a basic part of women's health care.

"We really want clear documentation on the website before you buy insurance, before you show up at a health center expecting to have regular medical care," she told Fox News.

Fordham acknowledged to Fox News that its website description of the insurance plan could be made clearer but said the actual written policy is explicit.

"Fordham is a Catholic university and follows church teachings on reproductive issues. We're sure that our students are well aware of Fordham's Jesuit, Catholic identity: it is central to our mission, and is featured prominently on our website and in our publications," Fordham University director of communications Bob Howe said in a statement.

"We do not offer reproductive health services through the Student Health Center (though birth control is covered under the students' insurance plan). The actual student health insurance policy is very explicit about what is and isn't covered, including coverage of birth control," he said.

"The University website is less explicit regarding services available through the Student Health Center. We've heard the students' concern on this, and may in fact edit the web copy to be more specific, but it's a fine line: we don't itemize non-birth control services on the website, either," he continued. "Fordham does, of course, conform to all state and federal laws regarding provision of health care and health insurance."

Fox News' Shannon Bream contributed to this report.