Florida woman uses 49K pennies to pay water bill

A Florida woman who says the city of Deltona is charging her for water she isn't using decided to pay her outstanding bill using 49,369 pennies to make a point.

Dana McCool drove up to the Deltona Water Department offices on Monday with her loot to pay the $493 water bill.

“This is how we peacefully protest,” she said in a Facebook Live video which has gone viral.

The video shows McCool dragging a wheelbarrow filled with bags of pennies and entering the building.

“I’m here to pay for the bill and you take cash correct?” she is heard telling the employee at the counter.

According to McCool, the city has been incorrectly charging her for water she is not using. She said she's been fighting the municipality for overcharging -- even after a leak was fixed months ago.

“I just wanted to make a statement. I want other people to come forward that has this bill. This is a far-reaching issue,” McCool told WFTV.

Officials with the city of Deltona have said if customers have concerns about high water bills, they can work with the city to check for leaks, WFTV reported.

The city’s water department accepted McCool’s cash payment and spent nearly three hours counting the pennies.

“Each of those pennies [are] representing a resident that needs a voice,” she told WFTV.