Florida gator charges man trying to take picture: See the video

A man in Florida made the mistake of getting too close to a gator not once but twice while trying to snap a picture of the beast.

Video showed the alligator charging at the man at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park near Gainesville.

The man got close to the gator with a tripod -- before the animal lurched forward, sending him backwards into the brush.

The man untangled himself and stepped back for a minute, but went in a second time to try getting closer. He waited until the gator went back into the water before trying to get his bag back.

As he approached, the gator then came out a second time and charged him faster.


The man was lucky to get away unharmed after a second close call. According to Ben Boukari Jr. who posted the video, the "angry mama gator" was defending her babies. The man taking the pictures was off the main boardwalk.

The video of the close encounter has been shared on Facebook almost 1,500 times.