Driver survives plunging 700 feet off California roadway

A Southern California driver managed to call for help after her car plunged 700 feet (213 meters) off a road in the San Bernardino Mountains, and rescuers marveled at her survival.

The woman could not say exactly where she was Thursday night, and authorities used her phone to figure out her approximate location, Los Angeles TV station KCBS reported.

They found a patch of dirt that suggested where the car went off State Route 18 near Crestline, about 65 miles (105 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.

San Bernardino County firefighters went down the mountain to rescue the woman, who was taken to a hospital.

"I'm amazed. You don't have these positive outcomes like this when you launch over the side and end up 700 feet, so she's doing quite well," Battalion Chief Bob Evans told KCBS. "I don't know what her prognosis will be, but she has an altered level of consciousness and some back pain, understandably."

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.


Information from: KCBS-TV,