Detroit police hunt man who fired AK-47 at cops after dice game

Detroit police are combing the streets of a west-side neighborhood looking for a man who shot at officers Wednesday morning, reported.

Investigators are saying the shooting stemmed from a dice game gone wrong.

Police were called to that dice game for a report of shots fired at Kendall Street and Whitcomb Avenue, which is near Greenfield Road and Grand River Avenue.

When they got to the scene, they spotted a man with an AK-47, who fired shots at police officers.

The officers' patrol car was hit and damaged, but the officers were not injured. The man with the gun took off.

Police have since identified the suspect as Deangelo Davis, and say he is considered armed and dangerous. Police say he is a convicted murderer on a case out of Minnesota, for which he is currently on parole.

"Anytime someone fires shots at a police officer, we take it very seriously. We take all shootings seriously, but when someone actually shoots at police and you know police are armed - you know there's something's wrong with that person," says Detroit Police Capt. Darrell Patterson. "Hopefully we can get this person off the streets as soon as possible."