Cops shoot Texas homeowner dead after he kills intruder

A Texas homeowner was shot dead by police after he shot and killed a career criminal who broke into his home Thursday night, authorities say.

The Dallas Morning News reports police did not realize 57-year-old William Keith Hall was defending his home when they arrived, and that Hall ignored the officers’ repeated demands he drop his weapon.

Maj. Jeff Cotner tells the paper Hall pointed a pistol at police officers and witnesses on the scene, and that he had plenty of time to “de-escalate the situation.”

“He was given plenty of notice, and he didn’t choose a path other than to confront officers,” Cotner said.

Hall also allegedly pointed his gun at a contractor working on a house nearby who called 911 after hearing the shots.

The caller, later identified as David Humphrey, told authorities Hall was yelling at witnesses to get away from the man who allegedly broke into his home, identified as 30-year-old Jerry Wayne Hale, after he shot him. Humphrey said Hall tried to fire at the witnesses but his gun was apparently jammed.

The Dallas Morning News reports Hale had been arrested 14 times since 2000, and that his girlfriend told authorities he had gone to Hall’s home to burglarize it.

Hall had no criminal record, but a neighbor told the Dallas Morning News Hall was a “loner” who lived in a “hoarder’s house.”

Both Hall and Hale died at the scene.

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