Colorado company refuses service to 'colored people' in 'Mount Ghetto'

A Colorado heating and cooling company was caught refusing to do business in a Denver neighborhood because residents there are "colored people" and "they don't pay their bills," according to an undercover investigation by Fox affiliate KDVR.

A hidden camera set up by the station recorded a female employee with Mile High Heating and Cooling in Westminster, Colo., saying the company will not service those living in Montbello. The workers allegedly said, "They call it Mount Ghetto."

The station's investigation was prompted by allegations from another worker who claimed the company did not service minority residents in one of Denver's largest neighborhoods -- despite claiming on its website that it serves the entire metro area.

After watching the video, ACLU's legal director Mark Silverstein told the station race-based discrimination policies are against the law.

"There are local ordinances, there are statutes and there are even federal laws that forbid this kind of discrimination based on race," Silverstein said.

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