Cat survives dart to the head

An Idaho cat luckily survived a blow dart to the face Thursday – and all without having to use one of its nine lives.

The Coeur d’Alene kitty, Red, was found by its owners meowing with the dart lodged in the region between its eyes and its brain, FOX28 reported.

“He’s just completely sweet always,” owner Katelyn Halpin said. “He always sticks around here and keeps to himself. That’s why it’s even more perturbing to me that someone would go and do this.”

Vets removed the dart, but Halpin and Carson Kelley, who received Red for his 9th birthday, have no idea who the culprit could be.

“I was just in a panic because I thought it was in his brain and it was just the last piece keeping him alive,” Kelley said.

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