Cat returns from shelter with leg amputated, owner says

A Pennsylvania pet owner said she was shocked when she was reunited with her beloved cat, only to discover the animal shelter amputated one of her legs within hours of receiving the animal.

Kim Schmidt told FOX29 her cat, named Stinky, escaped her Philadelphia home on Saturday and ran off. The pet owner said two days after searching for their beloved pet, a neighbor told her she found the cat and dropped it off at Animal Car and Control Team on Monday. She rushed to the shelter, only to discover one of Stinky’s legs was amputated.

"Why did you do that?  Why?  What was the reason you had to do that to my cat-- for what?" Schmidt told the news station.

Schmidt said the cat, who had a limp while she had all four legs, was gone for only 48 hours. The animal shelter said it doesn’t have the equipment to perform X-rays on the animals. A medical personnel performed the procedure because it thought it would be easier for the cat to be adopted with three legs — rather than having a fourth “mangled-looking” leg.

"We understand that that's very very painful and shocking and we regret that she had to go through that,” said Ame Dorminy, ACCT’s communications and development specialist.

Shelter officials also told FOX29 that the cat did not have a microchip or collar, providing them with little information about her medical history. Pennsylvania law does not require shelters to wait 48 hours before performing any procedure.