Business Travel Awards 2016: Best In-Flight Entertainment

Southwest may have its impromptu music shows and book readings, but we prefer our in-flight fun solo and personalized. For that, JetBlue’s new business class -- which debuted in 2014 and rolled out to more destinations last year -- soars.

In-seat spa time.

Lie-flat seats include a massage feature, and every passenger gets a Birchbox of sample-size beauty and grooming products. Arrive more relaxed (and moisturized!) than when you left.

More boob tube.

More than 100 channels of TV, and thousands of movies (via your Amazon Prime account). Plus, stop squinting: Each screen is 15 inches.

Fun, party of one.

Mint suites have their own doors, for blissful solitude. Bye-bye.

Internet fast enough to actually use.

What’s more annoying: waiting for crappy in-flight wi-fi to load your damn email or shelling out $15 for the pokey privilege? Mint offers option C: real broadband internet.

Sweet treats.

Fancy pastries from Mah-ze-Dahr! Ice cream from Blue Marble! A glass of rosé! Cappuccino from the first espresso machine designed for an airline!

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