Arizona school district mulls stricter dress code for teachers

An Arizona city is considering a stricter dress code for their elementary school teachers.

Board members for the Litchfield school district have recommended the policy, saying that the current rules are too vague according to the Tucson Citizen. The current policy for the district only asks for employees to dress professionally, making it awkward to discipline and employee who might be wearing inappropriate clothing.

The proposed policy would ban rubber-sole flip-flops, visible undergarments, any visible cleavage, bare midriffs, clothes that are deemed too tight, too loose or transparent, bare shoulders, short skirts and exercise pants, according to the Citizen.

Except for certain functions, male teachers would be required to wear a collared shirt at all times.

The board has not yet approved the measure, and has asked administrators to add other guidelines for tattoos, hair color, and piercings.

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