96-year-old WWII pilot takes flight again in Florida

At 96 years old, Bob Brocklehurst needs a little more help boarding a plane than he did back in the day.  But give him a second and he's right at home.

With a grin and a thumbs-up, the World War II veteran took off from Tampa in a P-51 Mustang, similar to those he flew in the war.

"I don't bend my legs like I used to, gentlemen," he said as he boarded the plane. "You think I'm calm, but I'm not. I'm standing about 35 feet up in the air, ready to go."

Once he's up in the air, he is surrounded by memories.

"I went back and landed that rascal. True story," he recalled.

On this flight, Bob wanted more than a trip down memory lane.

"We are all set for a loop, are we?" he asked.

He tested a few of his old tricks. Yes, he got to do the loop. He even did a barrel roll and he did it with skill.

"Just made me feel right at home. It's like putting the car in the garage. You do it without thinking," he said.

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