6-year-old meat reportedly served to Tennessee students

Meat dating back to 2009 was reportedly served to students in one Tennessee school district.

Students in Hawkins County were served a 6-year-old pork roast that had been frozen and then thawed, according to WCYB.

"I'm disappointed the school system let this happen," Hawkins County Commissioner Michael Herrell told the station after learning about the outdated pork. "To me, if we've got meat that old, I don't understand why."

"These high schoolers know when to not eat something, but elementary schoolers -- do they know if meat is bad or not?" Herrell said.

WATE.com reported that school officials called for a special meeting to discuss the issue that affects nearly all of the  cafeterias in the county. The roasts were all supplied by the same vendor, the report said.

USDA guidelines state that uncooked meat should not be frozen for more than 12 months.

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