4 Tips for Marketing Events That Will Transform Your Online Business

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Event marketing can help your online business generate a lot of buzz and attention among influencers. While this marketing approach is most common among well-established businesses, its effectiveness can also be employed for small scale online businesses.

One of the drawbacks of any form of marketing, online or offline, is getting it to work for your business. Same goes for event marketing. While using events to expand the reach of your online business might sound like a regular affair, there are a couple of tricky aspects to it. This article covers tips you should master to see effective results with your next event marketing.

1. Target likely influencers.

It might be easy to convince influencers to attend your events, but getting them to promote you is not.

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In order to attract the right set of eyeballs to your business, you need to target influencers that are relevant to your industry. These are authorities that readers in your niche rely on for recommendations and advice. By targeting these people, your event will yield more value.

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See how to determine if an influencer is a good fit for your event:

  • Do they talk about things that matter to your audience? If an influencer mostly talks about subjects that your target audience would not want to read on a regular basis, chances are they won't drive targeted traffic to your online business.
  • Who do they associate with? If the influencers you're targeting only associate with others that do not know a thing about your industry, their audience will not find any interest in what you're talking about too.
  • How active are they online? Study the influencer's online sharing habits before inviting them to your event. If they don't share content from others, chances are they won't promote you.

2. Prime customers through social media.

You should increase the interest of the influencers in your event. If you've gotten an influencer lined up for your event, keep them engaged through emails and social media. A strategic use of anticipation though repeat mentions and reminders on their favorite social network will heighten their interest in the event.

You want to reach out to them on Twitter, mentioning your event where an opportunity rises. However, avoid overdoing it. Using the right hashtag in your conversations with them and mentioning them once in a while in relevant conversations will do the trick.

3. Engage like-minded partners.

Another way to ensure your event marketing is successful is by bringing other experts on-board to host the event with you. Identify key players in your industry whose presence you know will encourage influencers to attend your event.

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There are several roles participating partners can add value to your event; the following are some of them.

  • Sponsorship: You do not need to bear the cost of hosting an event on your own. When your event is hosted together with a partner that contributes financially to help bring your event to live, they will have a sense of ownership that makes them want to promote it further.
  • Exhibitors: Your other partners could be co-exhibitors who also want to showcase their business. Having co-exhibitors will add diversity to your event and help broaden the reach of the event through cross-promotion. However, be picky of who your exhibiting partners are in order to avoid distorting the aim of the event.
  • Content: Great content is the backbone of a successful event marketing. As you seek partners to generate content for your event, a good angle to look at are your users. User generated content can enhance your event marketing.

4. Use souvenirs to make a lasting impression.

This will work only if the event is an in-person show. Events that bring people together in the real world can help to promote your business on the internet. By handing souvenirs to attendees and influencers who attend your event, the event will be memorable and have your marketing effort reach more mile.

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