Working professionals, fire up your grills. In the U.S., Labor Day is your day. Time to kick back, forget about work and get your cookout grub on with friends and family.

For most of us, this means grilling mouthwatering, all-American favorites, like hot dogs, burgers and steaks. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a barbecue beginner, adding a few high-tech gadgets to your grilling arsenal can take your open flame game to the next level.

Sure, it’s a little last-minute, but it’s still not too late to gadget-ify your barbecue rig, gas or charcoal. Here are three awesome grill gadgets to fire up your labor day BBQ party:

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1. Grillbot
Cooking with a dirty grill can be, well, gross. The only black bits on your guest’s seared T-bone should be crushed peppercorn (or some other savory spice), not crunchy, charred unidentifiable grill grate gunk.

Clean up your act minus the elbow grease before and after your party with the Grillbot electronic grill scourer. Just toss the triple-motor, autonomous grease- and grime-munching bot on your outdoor grill grate -- charcoal or gas, doesn’t matter -- and let it go to work. With a built-in LCD alarm and timer, you can literally set it and forget it.

Grillbot comes in black, orange, red and blue rechargeable battery models. For coated grill grates, choose the brass brush option. For stainless steel grates, go for the stainless steel brushes.

Price: $129.95

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2. iGrill2
When it comes to barbecuing the perfect steak, timing is critical. The iGrill2 takes the guesswork and the pressure out of the often frustrating, time-sucking hassle. So, say sayonara to over- or under-cooked meat, and to missing out on the party because you’re too busy babysitting your grill.

The iGrill2’s live temperature, graph-loaded app works wirelessly with Bluetooth 700°F thermometers (two come with it) that you leave in your meat while it sizzles. You can track your fiery eats with your iPhone or Android from up to 150 feet away. No more burnt hockey puck burgers, not with iGrill2’s temperature pre-set alarms on your side -- or in your tactical Grill Sergeant Apron, whatever works.

Going all out and grilling multiple meats or fish at the same time? No problem. The iGrill2 has you covered with a capacity for up to four temperature probes made for short sears and long smoke jobs.

Price: $99.99

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3. Bison Airlighter
Ever fantasize about lighting a charcoal grill with a flamethrower? Go on. Be honest. It sounds kind of awesome.

The Bison Airlighter makes your pyro grilling dreams a reality, letting you blast stubborn coals with 2,600°F degrees of raw firepower in the touch of a button. Lighter fluid, matches and wimpy BIC lighters be damned. The mighty Bison commercial-grade (thankfully not military-grade) flamethrower discharges a powerful, long-reaching buzzing blue flame that fires up “instant-light” charcoal briquettes in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re tailgating or hosting a backyard or beachside cookout, you’ll be the hero of the party. Bonus: This USB-powered bad daddy is outfitted with a child safety lock, a flashlight and, heck yeah, a bottle opener. Bottoms up and Happy Labor Day!

Price: $99.95

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