2 Weeks to Iowa as Race for White House Heats Up

Just two weeks to the first in the nation 2016 vote in the run for the White House. Iowa holds its caucus two weeks from today.

The candidates are on a tear through Iowa and New Hampshire which holds the first primary on February 9th.

On the left it’s Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders. The numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire are as tight as can be, and the Clinton campaign is reportedly preparing for what the New York Times calls a “long slog,” and the possibility of losing both NH and IA.

On the GOP side, the gloves are off between Trump and Cruz.. who had been playing nice until Cruz overtook Trump in recent Iowa polls. Cruz unloaded on Trump at an event last night, and Trump has been nasty to Cruz in recent days.

It looks a big fight between Rubio, Christie, Bush and Kasich for number three in Iowa. New Hampshire looks to be fertile ground for Trump.

The political statics site FiveThirtyEight run by Nate who successfully predicted the 2008 and 2012 races now predicting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will win in Iowa.. but two weeks is a long time.

1000EST -- Sen Cruz holds a bus tour meet & greet. Zeb's Country Store, North Conway, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1000EST -- OH Gov Kasich visits the Walt Morse Sporting Good Store. Hillsboro, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1045EST -- Fmr Sen Rick Santorum addresses the Renewable Fuels Summit. Meadows Conference Center, Altoona, IA. LIVE

1130EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a tour and meet & greet. Henniker Brewery, Henniker, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1130EST -- Donald Trump holds a rally. John Wayne Birthplace Museum, Winterset, IA. LIVE

1200EST -- Sen Cruz holds a bus tour meet & greet. Freedom Country Store, Freedom, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1315EST -- Sen Cruz holds a bus tour meet & greet. Lino's Restaurant, Sanbornville, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1330EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a town hall meeting. Havenwood Heritage Heights, Concord, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1000EST -- Sen Sanders holds a town meeting. Fort Museum Opera House, Fort Dodge, IA. LIVE via LiveU

1300EST -- Sen Sanders holds a town meeting. Santa Maria Winery, Carroll, IA. LIVE via LiveU

President Obama is meeting with the Australian Prime Minister today at the White House. We’ll show the tape pool spray of their meeting.

The search continues today for 12 crew members missing after two Marine helicopters crashed off the coast of Hawaii. Three life rafts found, but no bodies.

Michigan’s Governor is giving a state of the state speech today where the water crisis in Flint is expected to dominate. The town’s water supply is contaminated, and many people are sick. The Flint water supply was switched in a cost saving measure, but it ended up sending polluted water into people’s homes. President Obama declared a state of emergency.

The CDC is urging doctors to stop giving out antibiotics except in extreme cases because the overuse of antibiotics is making drug-resistant strains of many diseases.

Income inequality continues to rise. Just 62 people own as much wealth as the 3.5 billion in bottom of the world.. according to the charity Oxfam.

U.S stocks open today after falling more than 2% on Friday. Oil prices are trading at 12 year lows, but are up 5% today.  Iran’s oil now is flooding the market. We also heard today that China’s economy grew at its slowest pace since 2009 in the 4th quarter.. furthering fears of a big global economic slowdown. France announced a $2.2 billion stimulus. The IMF has downgraded its growth rates on the world economy.

Benjamin Hall is reporting today on a growing scandal shaking up the tennis world.