2 deputies, suspect killed after shooting at Maryland Panera

Two sheriff’s deputies were shot and killed Wednesday at a busy Maryland shopping center by a gunman who was also killed in the resulting shootout, authorities said.

The identities of the deputies have not been released.

The suspect, identified as 67-year-old David Evans, had outstanding warrants in two states for his arrest, including for assaulting an officer in Florida, officials said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The second warrant was issued in Harford County, Maryland.

Remarkably, no bystanders were hurt in the exchange of gunfire, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said.

The first shooting took place inside a Panera restaurant in a shopping center in Abingdon, which is about 20 miles northeast of Baltimore.

Sophia Faulkner, 15, said she and her mother were getting lunch and almost sat right next to the gunman. Instead, they chose a booth about 10 feet away because the man appeared "sketchy" and disheveled. He was sitting in the back and hadn't ordered any food, Faulker and her mother said.

A sheriff's deputy was called to the restaurant after a report about someone causing a problem. The deputy tried to talk to the man, who was apparently known to workers. The deputy sat down beside him, asked how he was doing and the man shot him in the head. The deputy later died at the hospital, officials said.

"I saw him fall back out of his chair and the blood started coming out," Faulkner said. "I didn't know how to process it. My mom said, `What's going on?' and I said, `Get down, someone just got shot."'

She said "everyone started screaming" after the gunshot and children -- out of school because of snowfall -- were running around.

"I was freaking out so much and everybody was running to one side of the store. Families were huddling together. I didn't really know what was going on," she said. "You see this stuff online and in movies and on TV when it happens, but you never think you're going to go out to lunch one day with your mom and it's just going to happen."

The gunman fled and witnesses gave officers a description and the direction he was headed, the sheriff said. After at least one deputy caught up with him, shots were exchanged, leaving the second deputy wounded and the suspect dead, the sheriff said. The second deputy later died at the hospital.

"I saw two women and a child run from Panera to our back door. They were hysterical. They said they heard gunshots," said bartender Mike Davis, who was working at the Ocean City Brewing Co.'s Taphouse. "We locked the door and went to talk to a cop. The cop said not to let anyone in. Then, we heard more gunshots, `Pop, pop, pop, pop,' from down in the shopping center. It was hectic."

The sheriff said investigators believe the person acted alone and there is no further threat to the community.

"The restaurant was very full at lunchtime," Gahler said. "Thankfully, no one else was injured."

The shopping center is called the Boulevard at Box Hill. It has a mix of shops, restaurants, a grocery store and a bank.

Yellow tape blocked off the Panera and Taphouse restaurants, but people were coming and going freely at other businesses after the shooting.

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