Watch Blake Griffin and actor Paul Rudd team up for 'Red Nose Day'

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Put your money where your mouth is, Paul Rudd.

In a video to help raise money for 'Red Nose Day,' a charity that assists with children's needs across the globe, Rudd declares he'll write a $5,000 check for every three-point shot Blake Griffin can sink in three minutes. A 27-percent shooter from beyond the arc, Griffin isn't exactly known for his long distance shot. So it would seem Rudd won't be too out of pocket following the challenge.

But when it comes to raising money for the kids, Griffin steps up his game in a big way... much to the chagrin of Rudd.

Eventually making shots from half court and with Rudd running interference, Griffin nets $100,000 in the timespan. Rudd does his best to run out of the gym before having to live up to his end of the bargain but again, Griffin doesn't miss knocking the actor over before he reaches the door with a perfectly placed basketball.

That'll show you to challenge a professional athlete, Paul. Look on the bright side though, it's for a good cause.