Redskins Kirk Cousins: 'I feel like we took a step forward'

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In the Washington Redskins' Week 4 23-30 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, starting quarterback Kirk Cousins had arguably his best game of his career. He finished 31-of-46 for 290 yards passing, one touchdown and no interceptions. Most importantly, Cousins led a 90-yard touchdown drive for the game's final score.

On the final drive, Cousins leaned on a mix of veterans Alfred Morris and Peirre Garcon, before capping off the drive with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Garcon. After the game, Cousins credited the final drive to his experience within the offense and in the NFL.

"A big part of it all is recognition of what they're bringing, and how they're covering us," Cousins told reporters after the game, per Keith McMillan of the Washington Post. "It's not an ability thing. I could throw the ball the same when I came in as a rookie. It's the knowledge, it's the understanding, it's the mental side of the game, it's the chemistry with your teammates, it's the experience in the offense. Those are the intangibles that take time to develop. Today, we were able to put a lot of things together to come out with a win."

The Redskins stand at 2-2 in an NFC East division that is up for grabs thanks to injuries and inconsistencies across the board with all four teams. For the first time this season, the Redskins won a football game with Cousins acting as much more than just a game manager.

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