Sen. Rick Scott on coronavirus threat: 'I think we have to take even more extreme measures'

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., told Fox News Tuesday that while the decision to go forward with the Sunshine State's primary elections amid the coronavirus pandemic was made by Gov. Ron DeSantis, Scott's "expectation" is that every supervisor of elections has implemented safety measures at their polling place.

Scott told "Outnumbered Overtime" host Harris Faulkner that he would advise every person to contact their county election officials before heading to the polls and ask how those supervisors are "making sure that they are going to be safe."

"My expectation is every supervisor of elections in Florida has done that," Scott stated.


"I mean, first off: it's poll workers," he continued. "They have to be safe and a lot of these workers are the age group that -- they are at risk. So, my expectation is that these supervisors of elections have done their job."

On Tuesday morning, the Ohio Supreme Court declined an 11th-hour request to force the state to move forward with its primary after Gov. Mike DeWine postponed in-person voting due to the threat the virus poses.

"Whether we are talking about what's happening with the economy or the elections, everything comes down to how we are dealing with coronavirus," Scott asserted. "I think we have to take even more extreme measures than where we are. We have got to get up testing sites now. By Friday, every town in this country ought to have a mobile testing site so people can one: get a test, and two: [so] we don't have a chance of infecting our health care workers -- [who] are hopefully going to take care of us if we get sick."

"We've got to close our borders," he stated. "And  then, these governors have got to take responsibility and say 'I'm going to stop; I'm going to make sure we prevent large social interactions.'"

Notably, beaches in Florida have remained worryingly crowded with spring breakers over the last few days.


"I'm worried about our supply line. I'm worried about our drugs. worried about price gouging," Scott added. "At every level of government, we've got to step up and say that this is bigger than what we thought because I think a lot of people didn't think this was as big."

"I've been talking about this for two months. You can watch what was happening in China. We've got to be taking this more seriously," he pleaded. "All of it."