Dan Bongino's message to Pelosi during coronavirus lockdown: 'Get out of your bubble'

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Fox News contributor Dan Bongino had a message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday, urging her to get out of her "bubble."

Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, made the comment on “Fox & Friends” as protesters have been rallying coast-to-coast demanding an end to their state's stay-at-home orders amid coronavirus pandemic.

Bongino acknowledged he sees “both sides” as it pertains to the stay-at-home orders.

“I have a family and I have two children myself,” he said. “I have a mother-in-law and two parents that are still alive that obviously I care deeply about.”

“My mother herself is in an extremely high-risk category,” he continued. “If she were to contract this, it could be deadly. But, I have to feed my kids, too. So does everybody around me.”

He then referenced an interview with Pelosi where he said she appeared “seemingly confused about what protesters were doing.”

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” when host Chris Wallace asked Pelosi if she can understand why people are protesting she said, “No, not really.”


“Because what we have to do is, is shelter in place. That is really the answer,” Pelosi told Wallace. “Testing, tracing, treatment, shelter in place. And I do think that it's unfortunate, but, you know people will do what they do. But the fact is we’re all impatient. We all want out. But what they’re doing is really unfortunate.”

Bongino responded to her comments by referencing Pelosi’s appearance via livestream on CBS' "Late Late Show" last week, during which she showed host James Corden her ice cream collection while standing in front of a high-end, expensive refrigerator.

“Let me enlighten you, Nancy, because you seem to be living in an insulated $25,000 freezer ice cream bubble and you don't get it,” Bongino said. “Here it is plain and simple: People have to feed their families. These are smart Americans who are intelligent. They understand there’s a risk. They live with risk every day.”

“If you need to understand that, Nancy, go talk to a construction worker on a construction site down the block that is living with multimillion-dollar equipment that could kill him in a minute,” he continued. “If you tell him or her on that site, 'You're going to need to wear a mask. There are precautions. You may have to wear some kind of hand protection, wash our hands often and we may have to distance, but you will be able to go to work and feed your kids.' I promise you the entrepreneurial brave American citizens will figure it the hell out.”

“Get out of your bubble. People have to feed their kids. That is what’s going on right now,” Bongino went on to say.

Bongino also had a message for governors who are experiencing protests in their states after enforcing strict stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“These people, [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer and others, it’s not just Democrats, either, it’s some Republican governors, too. They work for us.”

“Get the hell out of our way,” he added, noting that governors are “supposed to make our lives easier, not more difficult every day.”

Bongino said that Americans understand that there is a safety issue, then said: “They work for us. Stop talking like this is like [the children’s television series] ‘Romper Room.’”

“We’re not children, we’re adults,” he noted. “We’ve lived much harder lives than these people who are governing us.”


“It’s a joke the way they talk to people,” he continued. “'I don't understand what they're doing.' Well, figure it the hell out. That's your darn job to understand what we’re doing.”