American Red Cross' urgent plea: 'Blood supplies are at risk'

The American Red Cross is doubling down on calls for healthy Americans, especially millennials and Gen Zs, to donate blood amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"Our country is in an unprecedented time with Covid-19, blood supplies are at risk," Colin Williams, Red Cross regional communications officer, told Fox Nation's Abby Hornacek on Monday.

Last week, Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams strongly urged Americans to continue to give blood, even while they observe guidelines for self-isolation and social distancing.

"One thing we should all consider, especially our millennials, is donating blood," Adams said during a White House coronavirus task force news conference. "Blood centers are open now and in need of your donation... Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement. So give blood today. You'll feel good about it and you'll be helping your country and your community during this crisis, and you might even save a life.


"There are still traumatic injuries. There are still cancer patients. There are still newborns that need precious blood," Williams stressed. "One blood donation can save up to three lives. And people can make a difference."

Hornacek reported that, as of March 17, nearly 2,700 hundred blood drives across the U.S. have been canceled, resulting in nearly 86,000 fewer blood donations.

"We've lost a lot of donations as a result of a lot of companies canceling their drives and that kind of thing," noted Red Cross Regional Communications CEO Kurt Kroemer.

However, Kroemer said that in times of crisis Americans reliably step up to the challenge.

"It's heartening to see that when something like this happens, every single time something like this happens, Americans respond," he said. "And so we're just really proud to be part of what we do as the American Red Cross."

On Fox Nation's "Tales of Social Distancing," Hornacek documented her visit to a temporary American Red Cross facility in Arizona to donate blood herself.

Hornacek observed that social distancing rules and stringent hygiene standards were being enforced.


"Two weeks ago, we implemented a whole bunch of new protocols that typically are not in place," said Williams. "People wait outside. Chairs are staggered six feet apart. Once you're in here, we have tables moved apart and we're doing the best we can to satisfy that social distancing. So people are safe."

Williams also noted that young and healthy people are not showing up to donate in the numbers that they would like to see.

"We've seen millennials, but they haven't come out in strength. And I think that's because, one, it's spring break. We've seen them on beaches. We've seen them doing things that are really a little bit risky, and not exactly following along with the social distancing guidelines, but also we kind of generally see an apathy from the millennials," he said.

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