Precious! Cat Nurses Orphaned Newborn Pit Bull Puppy

Much like the beloved children's movie, "The Fox & The Hound," an unlikely friendship has blossomed between a cat and newborn puppy.

In a precious moment caught by cameras in Cleveland, a cat caring for four newborn kittens began nursing an orphaned week-old pit bull puppy.

Lurlene the cat welcomed Noland the puppy into her "unusual little family," Sharon Harvey of the Cleveland Animal Protective League said Wednesday.

The puppy was dropped off at the animal shelter last week when he was just a day old.

The staff decided to place Noland with the nursing cat and her litter because bottle feeding doesn't always work.

Now thanks to Lurlene, Noland the puppy will grow faster, the shelter says.

But surely the kitty won't be able to feed the puppy for a long time, so the adoptive parents will likely have to come up with other feeding options.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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