Obama Races to Save Family from Bilingual Zombies in New Game

Zombies are attacking President Obama and his family!

No, this isn't a Washington political metaphor; in fact, it's a free bilingual online video game by juegosdiarios.com.

It's called Obama Resident Evil,and it brings the White House family into the world of the super-popular video game series Resident Evil.

The game opens in the Oval Office, where madman Dr. Albert Wesker kidnaps the Obama family, making it the player's mission to save Michelle and the kids before they get turned into zombies. Hijinks—including references to Wikileaks, Machu Picchu and a conversation with Marilyn Manson's zombie—ensue.

Players are armed with objects such as dynamite, a water gun, a video game controller, and a robot pooch to help them finagle through the undead world here called "Racoon City."

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The game, which can be played in English or Spanish, is the fourth Obama game released by juegosdiarios.com.  The other three were Obama Rider, Obama Pigsaw revenge and Obama Guantanamo all of which were released in 2010.

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