Election 2012: One Latina Mom is Grateful for Obama's Re-election

Shortly before Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, the U.S. economy took a nosedive.

A few months later, I separated and then divorced, after two years of marriage counseling and a personal and professional downward spiral prompted by the recession. Shortly after that, I became a single mother on food stamps.

That is, the kind of mother that Mitt Romney indirectly or directly blamed for the random acts of violence in our country in recent months. I became the kind of mother that some dismiss as having “taken advantage of welfare.”

Well, in a matter of months, with a titanic effort and dogged determination on my part, I reinvented myself and made the leap from print to digital media, which spurred professional success and personal satisfaction. First as a freelance writer, my career of choice, then as a managing editor of an online publication, and finally, as editor in chief of Mamiverse.

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